It is illegal for a housing provider to retaliate against someone who files a complaint or participates in the investigation of a complaint regarding harassment or any other fair housing violation. Even if the complaint results in a determination that there has been no violation of fair housing laws, retaliation is still prohibited. 

Forms of retaliation include:

Eviction - Landlords cannot evict tenants for complaining about sexual harassment or any fair housing violation.

Rent increases - Landlords cannot increase rent because a tenant complains about a fair housing issue.

Refusing repairs - Landlords cannot refuse to maintain or repair a unit because a tenant has made a fair housing complaint.

Restrict use of facilities or service - Landlords cannot restrict people from using facilities or services associated with their housing unit, or assign a tenant to a less desirable unit because of a fair housing complaint.

Threats and intimidation - Landlords are prohibited from threatening or intimidating someone in response to a fair housing complaint.

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